2016-17 District Governor's Project

The District Governor’s proposed projects for the upcoming year will be organized in a slightly different method than completed historically. Proceeds are most likely to be distributed to the following organizations in conjunction with the Rotary International “Six Areas of Focus.”

Promoting Peace – With emphasis to our military veterans and their survivors
  • “Snowball Express” – Provides child survivors of fallen military members with a 4 day experience of activity / normally around holidays that includes the opportunity to share emotions in a group setting as part of a healing process.
  • Team RWB – A veteran’s support group with a chapter in Pittsburgh that serves Western PA. Their mission is to teach leadership skills, provide social and physical activity and support community programs for “team” building.

Fighting Disease – Alzheimer’s Research and Support
  • CART or Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust is a Rotary Clubs of North America sponsored non-profit that oversees grants to research centers and leading research physicians at the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Emory University, Medical University of South Carolina and Mayo Clinic.
  • Alzheimer’s Association of America – a leading voluntary health organization that provides resources for Alzheimer care, support and research.

Providing Clean Water
  • Haiti Outreach Project
    • We are looking to partner with a Global Grant that will allow D7280 money to be matched by endowed funds and Rotary International to leverage our impact and create our very own “ownership” of a community well project.
    • Haiti Outreach has a successful “sustainability” rate of 95 percent compared to worldwide much lower amount. 20 Years is the expected lifespan of one system.
    • Communities must become the owners and maintain the system to include simple septic methods. Part of the process involves teaching a new way of “clean” living.

Saving Mothers and Children
  • American Autoimmune Association is based in Michigan.
    • “AARDA” is a leading and only non-profit supporting the research of over 150 autoimmune related diseases. Approximately 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and chronic diseases that affect a disproportionate number of females.
    • Funding is used to support leading edge research
  • You might be familiar with some of these diseases their research benefits:
    •  Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
    • Cardiomyopathy
    •  Celiac Disease
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Juvenile Arthritis
    • Lupus (SLE)
    • Lyme Disease (Chronic)
    • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    • Optic Neuritis
    • Reactive and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Rheumatic Fever
    • Type 1 Diabetes
    • Vasculitis

Supporting Education
  • Razia’s Ray of Hope, founded by humanitarian Razia Jan, provides exemplary, free education to more than 480 girls in grades K-12 at the Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan.
    • Razia Jan was honored by Rotary International in November 2015 as one of six “Global Women of Action.”
    • The cost to support one student for one year is approximately $300.00 in an area of the world where girls normally do not receive any system of formal education. 

Growing Local Economies

  • The D.O.V.E. Fund (Development of Vietnam Endeavors)
    • We are looking to partner with a Global Grant from District 6600 in Ohio involving a project in Vietnam for Micro Finance of small business loans. 
    • The purpose of this grant is to support economic development to approximately 400 disadvantaged women that will enable them to raise their standard of living through business.
    • D.O.V.E. also funds various educational and health related initiatives.